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Ernest & Celestine Movie Trailer

Ernest & Celestine is a film is based on a series of children’s books of the same name published by the Belgian author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent. Terrific style of watercolor and ink illustration. Read more about Ernest & Celestine HERE

Webcomics Advice

Make your comics and put them online, then make more then keep doing that without stopping for at least 2 or 3 years before you expect ANYTHING in terms of recognition or readership. This accomplishes several things. 1) It keeps you from viewing your work as precious. Don’t obsess over one piece, draw and redraw, correct and perfect it all while never posting it. You get better by making MORE comics. Not by making the same comic over and over. 2) It gets you accustomed to the cycle of creativity. Have an idea, refine it, make it, put it up, repeat. 3) It gets you accustomed to taking and responding to feedback and criticism. The more work you post the more readers you’ll get and the more opinions you will start to receive directly or indirectly about your work. 

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Pixar Makes Painterly CG

Pixar Makes Painterly CG

Last summer at SIGGRAPH, Pixar presented a paper offering some clues about one of the major new directions that CG feature animation is headed. The paper, “Stylizing Animation By Example,” explored how filmmakers could achieve more expressive rendering styles that disregard the perfect boundaries of computer graphics rendering and mimic traditional painting techniques. While non-photorealistic rendering is not a new concept, the system devised at Pixar contains a level of automation and consistency that would allow a sophisticated painterly style to be scaled for feature film production.

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One of Van Gogh’s Last Paintings Unveiled

Van Gogh's Last Paintings Unveiled

A spectacularly vibrant Vincent van Gogh painting was unveiled today at the National Gallery of Art in Washington after going private nearly 50 years ago. The work, “Green Wheat Fields, Auvers,” is particularly exciting for art historians because the famous Dutch painter completed it just weeks before he died in France in 1890 at age 37. The oil painting had been in the private collection of late millionaire Paul Mellon, whose father, Andrew Mellon, founded the gallery in 1937. It had hanged, unframed, in Paul and his wife Rachel’s home in Virginia until Rachel, 103, donated it to the museum earlier this year after its last public showing in 1966. It now lives in a beautiful gold frame but with just a little sign and no protective glass, next to a self-portrait of the artist.

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1930’s Fleischer Studios Inspired Cuphead Video Game

Indie developer StudioMDHR’s introductory game Cuphead will launch in late 2014 on PC. The game’s graphics are turning a few cup-heads, as they are inspired by 1930’s-era cartoons from Fleischer Studios, “old Disney” and particularly artists like Mickey Mouse co-creator Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick (Betty Boop) and Willard Bowsky (Popeye).

1930's Fleischer Studios Inspired Cuphead Video Game

Cuphead is a run-and-gun game with a world that includes branching pathways and bosses, as well as weapons and power-ups. StudioMDHR, which consists of brothers Jared and Chad Moldenhauer, said Cuphead is a “retro game” at its core, “meaning it leans heavier on gameplay and not as much on story.” The game’s basic premise surrounds our hero Cuphead gambling with the devil, losing, then having to find a way to pay the devil back.

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Andy Warhol Time Capsules

Andy Warhol Time Capsules

Marie Elia likes to describe her job this way: She is the secretary to a dead man. As one of two catalogers for Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules, it’s her job to go through the 610 boxes he left after his death in 1987. Over the past six years, catalogers at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh have indexed more than 300,000 items, from a Tyvek suit covered in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s scribblings to a box of Preparation H. “We work more with the intimate side of Warhol. His prescriptions, his shampoos, his acne medication, his letters from his family,” says Erin Byrne, the Time Capsules‘ other cataloger. “These are things that blow people away.”

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Andreas Englund Paints The Life and Times of an Aging Superhero

Andreas Englund Paints The Life and Times of an Aging SuperheroIn his ongoing series of photorealistic oil paintings called the Aging Superhero, Swedish artist Andreas Englund takes us into the candidly humorous life of an anonymous superhero who has probably seen better days. Though he still puts up a tough fight, the wear and tear of battling crime has taken its toll on this elderly action figure.

Adorably Weird Art: Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks

In one of the best collaborations this blog has seen in ages, professional illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks has been collaborating with her 4-year-old daughter on a series of wonderful drawings that pass back and forth between mother and daughter until reaching an always unexpected final form. Each drawing begins with Hendricks drawing a detailed retro-ish head, after which her daughter snatches away the sketchbook to create rudimentary body (or animal!) parts as well as other random details. Afterward Hendricks goes back in to polish things up a bit and behold: dinosaur women, slug ladies, and beaver astronauts are born.

Adorably Weird Art: Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks


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The Bottom of the Ninth Trailer

The Bottom of the Ninth, is A Unique Animated Graphic Novel App for iPad, Now Available on the App Store. The app keeps with the integrity of a traditional comic layout, but enhanced with fully animated 2D and 3D animations, an original score, and professional voice actors. The Bottom of the Ninth App is available for $3.99 from the App Store on iPad or at New chapters of the graphic novel will be available via In-App Purchase as they are released.

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Graffiti artist Banksy sells art in Central Park

Banksy Sells Art In Central Park

Graffiti artist Banksy, whose works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, claims he sold original pieces at starving-artist prices over the weekend in Central Park. “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each,” he wrote on his website Sunday. The elusive British artist also posted a video of the pop-up stall on the edge of the park on Fifth Ave. near Central Park South featuring about 25 canvases of his black-and-white spray art. Some of the artwork were riffs on famous Banksy graffiti works such as a rat riding a scooter and a bandana-masked protester hurling a bouquet of flowers.

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