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8-Bit Watercolors

Inspired in part by the 8-bit graphics of old Atari and Nintendo video games from his youth, artist Adam Lister paints quirky watercolor interpretations of pop culture icons, art world happenings, and famous paintings. While all of Lister’s works are distinctly humorous, many are also strangely nostalgic, recalling moments from the recent past including comic book characters, Star Wars references, and even numerous interpretations of iconic TV painter Bob Ross.

Lister has several limited edition prints available on his website,

8Bit_MonaLisa 8Bit_BobRoss

Pen and Ink Cityscape by Ben Sack


With meticulous determination and a steady hand, artist Ben Sack picks up a black 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner pen and begins to draw the dense, intricate details of fictional cityscapes: buildings, roads, rivers and bridges. He draws until the ink runs out and picks up another pen. And another. And another. Sapping the ink from dozens of writing utensils until several months later a canvas is complete.

You can see more of his work on his website, and over on Tumblr. Prints are available here.

STRIPPED: The Comics Documentary

STRIPPED: The Comics Documentary

STRIPPED: The Comics Documentary brings together the world’s best cartoonists to talk about the art form they love, and what happens to it as newspapers die. STRIPPED explores comic strips in depth, why they’re so loved, and how they’re navigating this dicey period between print and pixels.

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Kyle’s Ultimate Real Watercolor Brushes

Kyle's Ultimate Real Watercolor Brushes

Kyle’s Ultimate Real Watercolor Brushes contain over 40 finely-tuned Photoshop watercolor presets. These brushes produce natural wet edge effects, bleeds, and textures without the aid of any layer effects or added textures. You simply paint on your canvas. By combining the brushes, nearly any watercolor effect is possible. With these tools, you will have complete control over the paint; you can even produce happy accidents and interesting surprises, as well, by varying pen pressure and direction, much like real watercolors. There are brushes for detail work, broad washes, and everything in between. Only $7!

Get Kyle’s Ultimate Real Watercolor Brushes HERE

The Cyclist’s Empire Print Of Empire State Building

The Cyclist’s Empire print

The Cyclist’s Empire is the latest cycling-inspired print from the folks over at 100 Copies who print (as you might have guessed) only 100 copies of all their posters. This particular design was created using 7 different kinds of bicycle tracks that were rolled onto paper to mimic the structure of the Empire State Building. See more about Cyclist’s Empire print HERE.

Webcomics Advice

Make your comics and put them online, then make more then keep doing that without stopping for at least 2 or 3 years before you expect ANYTHING in terms of recognition or readership. This accomplishes several things. 1) It keeps you from viewing your work as precious. Don’t obsess over one piece, draw and redraw, correct and perfect it all while never posting it. You get better by making MORE comics. Not by making the same comic over and over. 2) It gets you accustomed to the cycle of creativity. Have an idea, refine it, make it, put it up, repeat. 3) It gets you accustomed to taking and responding to feedback and criticism. The more work you post the more readers you’ll get and the more opinions you will start to receive directly or indirectly about your work. 

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Pixar Makes Painterly CG

Pixar Makes Painterly CG

Last summer at SIGGRAPH, Pixar presented a paper offering some clues about one of the major new directions that CG feature animation is headed. The paper, “Stylizing Animation By Example,” explored how filmmakers could achieve more expressive rendering styles that disregard the perfect boundaries of computer graphics rendering and mimic traditional painting techniques. While non-photorealistic rendering is not a new concept, the system devised at Pixar contains a level of automation and consistency that would allow a sophisticated painterly style to be scaled for feature film production.

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