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DIA in peril: A look at the museum’s long, tangled relationship with Detroit politics and finances

DIA in peril

Some who favor selling argue that it’s morally unconscionable to protect the art while city workers may have their pension cuts and city services, including fundamental police and fire protection, remain hamstrung by lack of resources. But those who oppose a sale argue that money would mostly go to Wall Street, that art is no less relevant to residents of modest means and that destroying one of the city’s greatest cultural institutions would leave Detroit weaker, not stronger, post-bankruptcy. Certainly one of the questions at the heart of the debate is the very definition of a city: Is it merely a civic enterprise that provides fundamental services and a frame of economic livelihood, or is it all of that, plus something more exalted: a locus of culture, creativity and human aspiration?

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Detroit evolving into a haven for artists

Cheap rents and an urban pioneering spirit are attracting young artists, and new restaurants, nightspots and even urban farms are serving this growing community and its hipster fans. It’s still the early days, but change is palpable, even to the casual visitor.

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Eye Of The Beholder

Art, like fashion, bubbles up from street level. It happens when someone takes what we all see and places it in a different context, rearranging what already is, framing the view, spinning it into a narrative for publication, or interpreting it as a drama or dance fit for the stage. 8 exhibits in Detroit that are found in unexpected places.

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Detroit Artists Market Small(er) Show

The Detroit Artists Market is proud to present the DAM Small(er) Show opening Friday, August 5th, 2011 and running through August 27th.  Detroit art collectors both experienced and new will not want to miss this LARGE selection of SMALL art works by more than 100 talented Detroit area artists.  All pieces for this cash-and-carry show are limited in size to 8” by 8”, and all work is priced at $250 or less. The DAM Small(er) Show Opening Reception is August 5, 2011 from 6 – 9 p.m.  This event is free and open to the public.

Detroit Artists Market Small(er) Show

Detroit Pushes Back With Young Muscles

These days the word “movement” is often heard to describe the influx of socially aware hipsters and artists now roaming the streets of Detroit. Not unlike Berlin, which was revitalized in the 1990s by young artists migrating there for the cheap studio space, Detroit may have this new generation of what city leaders are calling “creatives” to thank if it comes through its transition from a one-industry.

With these new residents have come the trappings of a thriving youth culture: trendy bars and restaurants that have brought pedestrians back to once-empty streets. Places like the Grand Trunk pub, Raw Cafe, Le Petit Zinc and Avalon Bakery mingle with shops with names like City Bird, Sole Sisters and the Bureau of Urban Living.

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Cool factor lures the young, artsy to Detroit

“My friends in New York, L.A., Europe all think Detroit is really cool, and, thankfully, so do more and more people here. The energy seems great right now,” said Angela Topacio, an artist and managing partner of Gyro Creative Group downtown. The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau has been targeting the young for four years now. “The 21- to 34-year-old demographic is the best target audience for Detroit,” said Larry Alexander, CEO of the convention bureau. The brand identity resulted from surveys of more than 1,300 visitors and focus groups in five cities that identified Detroit as “the American city where cool comes from,” Alexander said. They are open-minded and adventurous opinion-setters. This age group is considered to be the best type of visitor for whom Detroit can be positioned as a new destination, ripe for discovery.

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