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Drawnimal App

This creative new app Drawnimal shows that drawing with a pencil on paper and digital apps are not incompatible technologies. The iPad/iPhone app not only teaches the alphabet and animals to children, but cunningly encourages kids to draw around their devices to create a complete image of an animal that will then perform an animated action. For more info, go to Drawnimal.com or download it from the Apple store.

5 Best Art Gallery Apps For The Iphone

Love Art: National Gallery, London

London’s National Gallery offers up the jewels in its crown as click-through topics, but also adds some fun functionality with an “Insight” section that lets you explore the art via themes, such as “vanity,” “light,” “hope” and “fury.”

These “Insights” come in the form of fascinating, bite-size audio commentary on particular works that relate to the theme.

In total, there’s some 250 works with video, audio and zoomable high resolution images which should help justify that price tag.

Cost: $2.99

National Gallery of Victoria

Australia isn’t the easiest place to get to, so this app, which showcases the treasures at the National Gallery of Victoria, is a real treat for all you non-Aussie art fans.

You can view the highlights of the gallery’s collection as well as find out more about the current exhibitions, with images and info on all the displays.

Cost: Free

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most famous art museums in the world, housed in a historic landmark — the Palais du Louvre.

The Musee du Louvre app lets you explore both highlights of the collection and the palace itself, in a nice “Cover Flow-style” layout.

Multi-lingual video tours will take you on a virtual visit through parts of the palace, while text info will tell you what you should take a closer look at in the high res image library.

Cost: Free

MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art

On one hand, the MoMA app is a useful companion product for those visiting the gallery. On the other, it’s a brilliant resource for those who can’t get there in person.

As far as visitors go, there’s practical info about what’s on display, and a fun MoMA “Snaps” function that lets you turn a photo into a museum postcard.

The audio “Mobile Tours” can be used for insight while viewing the works at the gallery, or to find out more from afar.

This comprehensive app also boasts an alphabetical lists of artists, an art terms glossary, and a way to search the collection based on medium.

Cost: Free

National Portrait Gallery

This highly informative app from the British National Portrait Gallery offers a wealth of art knowledge via both audio commentary and video.

Highlights of the collection are organized by themes, with audio for “Kings and Queens,” “Science and Discovery,” “Fame and Celebrity,” and “Writers.” The video content is listed in a timeline.

There is also practical info for anyone planning a real-life trip, and a zoomable map so you don’t get lost once you’re there.

Cost: $1.99