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Painting en Plein Air: Resolving the Landscape, Thomas Kegler

This instructional documentary follows artist Thomas Kegler as he completes an oil painting on a linen panel outdoors. Over the course of two late summer days, Kegler captures the image of a veteran maple tree on the edge of a forest. The film focuses on the experience of painting outdoors – with an emphasis placed on observational, cognitive, and intuitive plein air approaches. It is intended for intermediate to advanced painters who already have a rudimentary knowledge and skill level in oil painting techniques and materials. Kegler’s commentary during the film explains his philosophy and processes of traditional plein air painting. His technique mirrors the efforts of the Hudson River School greats of the mid- 1800s such as Durand, Cole and Church. The final painting reveals a deep connection and understanding of his subject.

The video documents the entire two day painting process including:

Day 1

  • choosing a subject and composition – starting with a strong concept and design
  • imprimatura & grisaille underpainting – imparting a warm base
  • premixing colors – ensuring efficiency & accuracy of hue, value & temperature
  • first color pass – rough-in big mass relationships
  • secondary layer – brushwork & impasto

Day 2

  • glazing – impart a veil of depth and harmony, adjust value and temperature
  • final details – articulate and resolve, refinement and focus to specific areas

Artists site with full documentary located HERE.